Tenant Information


  • This is a condition of the lease
  • Tenant to expect  rent review
  • Inspection /valuation by field staff
  • Review communicated to lessee in written if increase and if no increase then case close
  • Lessee if accept to sign acceptance
  • If dispute/disagree to raise case with Tribunal if lease is ALTA regulated.
  • If lease IALTA regulated go to arbitration.


  • For an applicant to apply for renewal
  • Ascertain that is an able performing farmer
  • Good relation with Landowners/TLTB
  • Pays rent regularly
  • Past record should be good
  • Arrears free
  • No outstanding crop lien/mortgage
  • Meet up with standard (TLTB)
  • A citizen of our country
  • Good clean police record
  • If he /she has  other leases he should be very clean with those.


  • If one falls into arrears the following will apply to him/her
  • Appropriate notice will apply to him/her
  • If not paid instantly a follow up reminder will follow
  • Consultation/advise
  • If still not adhered to writ of summons will follow.
  • Action for vacant possession of the land
  • TLTB repossess land, sell to recover costs
  • If paid in case will be closed action discontinued.


  • For any dealings in land there should not be any breach of the term of the lease.
  • Two common types i.e Transfer and mortgage
  • When there is no breach TLTB automatically approves
  • Breach common here is mainly Arrears
  • When TLTB approves dealing in should be registered at the Titles within three months  otherwise it will be null and void
  • At expiry of the three (3) months no registration done tenant have no option but to re apply with new forms and fees.


  • Surrender eventuate  on the following situation
  • If a lessee opts for a long term lease when his lease has a very minimal term
  • When a much bigger development is about to take place on the very same area occupied by couple of lessees which is earmarked for that mentioned development
  • Surrender value normally assessed
  • Lost in income to the lessor so lessor can claim compensation for that lost rental income.
  • Surrender forms normally endorsed
  • Submitted to titles for registration
  • If not registered all activities undertaken will be null and void so lease will still become active and alive


  • The survey instructions is issued in all cases where the tenants have or will surely secure an active lease with the Board. An active valid title AFL or IT is okay for the Board to issue the Survey Instruction to the nominated surveyor.