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Our Achievement

Our primary focus is on the landowners, and our success is measured by what they, and their future generations, are able to achieve. We look to certain landowning units as examples, aiming to share their successes with others. Here are some examples:

TLTB Investment

TLTB has diversified its investments, putting $435,392.37 into FHL shares, acquiring 428,367 shares.
TLTB has also made a term deposit of $200,000 with BSP Life.

Nakovacake (Nadi)

They have acquired the FDB building in Nadi Town.

Mataqali Etuba (Sigatoka)

They took over a commercial lease in 2022, paying $70,000 in compensation. The property now generates $3,000 per month. They are currently working on securing another commercial property, as their current lease expires in 2022.

Mataqali Vusaibati

TLTB helped them purchase 23,666 shares in RB Patel Group Ltd, valued at $75,003.00.


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