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Grant for the iTaukei Landowners

Seed-Fund-Grant.jpgWhat are the objectives?

The Seed Fund Grant for iTaukei Landowners provide an opportunity for them to participate in any income generating projects of their choice and also allow them to work together in facilitating these projects. It also opens the opportunities for landowners to lease their own land.
It is also part of our Mission Statement (No. 2) that “we will provide the best financial and investment services” to the iTaukei landowners.

How much was given out?
2017 - $200,000
2018 - $350,000
2019 - $500,000
2020 - $500,000

Selection Criteria

The first assessment was done using the following criteria’s set out by the Seed Fund Grant Committee:
(a) The applicants are landowners;
(b) The applicants are leasing their own landowning unit land;
(c) The applicants have assisted themselves in starting their project and require assistance to further the same;
(d) The applicants are engaged in agricultural, development or commercial ventures that denote the business aspect of their request.
The Seed Fund Grant Committee had also set out a number of criteria for the individual applicants or landowning unit’s submissions for the second round under only one category, for Agriculture, and had itemized particularly the following requirements:
(a) Individual Applicants to hold a lease with the Board
(b) Individual Applicants to hold leases less than 4 years old
(c) Individual Applicants to be landowners to their leased land
(d) Individual Applicants to hold Agricultural leases
(e) Landowners as a Mataqali, Tokatoka or Yavusa submitting projects for assistance must be using their own land if not leasing
(f) Landowners as a Mataqali, Tokatoka or Yavusa submitting projects must indicate some sustainability of the project through the involvement of their youth
(g) Landowners as a Mataqali, Tokatoka or Yavusa submitting projects that is based on Agriculture
For further information please contact:
Landowners Affairs Officer
Mr Noa Koroidikidikilati
E: NKoroi@tltb.com.fj 
M: 9908 959

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