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TLTB contributes to ‘4 Million Trees in 4 Years’

Yesterday, Saturday 6th April, TLTB staff undertook their first tree planting exercise for the year. The program includes revisiting their dedicated TLTB Native Tree Reserve areas to clean, replace trees that have died and the planting of more new trees. Teams were also involved in the potting and transplanting of new plants including uprooting of wild mahogany shoots for replanting in other parts of Fiji through the Ministry of Forestry program.

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Illegal selling of itaukei land

TLTB has been notified through its whistleblowing hotline that an individual by the name of Sheik Naseem has attempted to  sell some residential and commercial lots along the Nadi Back Road.

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Namosi landowners consented for dam construction

Taukei Land Trust Board CEO Mr Tevita Kuruvakadua said claims that the landowners were not consulted in process of issuing these leases were totally false.

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$3.4m CBUL payment for landowners

The CBUL rent subsidy remains a vital incentive for the landowners to lease our idle land and allow lease renewal for agricultural purposes.

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Bill to amend the iTaukei Land Trust Act passed by Parliament

A consequential amendment was also proposed to the Higher Salaries Act to include the Board as one of the bodies for which the salary and benefits of its Chief Executive Officer are subject to sections of the Higher Salaries Act.

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Fraudulent itaukei land dealings in Nausori    

If any member of the public has any information of or has come into contact with “Zameer” please report this to the FICAC Office immediately.

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$8.7m premium received from FNPF's Denarau leases

“I think this is something bright for the landowners future and we are thankful for the support from Government as well as FNPF.” CEO Mr Tevita Kuruvakadua.

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TLTB receives $1.8m from Government

TLTB recognises with appreciation the assistance by Government to tenants who have been victims of natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, earthquakes and heavy rainfall causing severe landslides and floods are increasing in frequency and intensity that have devastated small islands nation’s economy and livelihoods of its people including Fiji.

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$174m given to landowners under the ERD Policy

Mr Kuruvakadua said the ERD has been a blessing for the iTaukei community in a number of ways.

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Fraudulent land dealings in Lautoka

It has also been brought to our attention that Nazo recently visited residents of Tavakubu Settlement and Kashmir in Lautoka and allegedly requested them to fill in TLTB lease application forms and pay her a fee of $57.50 to lease itaukei land.

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