First of its kind renewable energy lease

THE 12 megawatt biomass plant in Nabou, Sigatoka has been completed and is the first power plant of its kind in the South Pacific.

The $US45 million ($F92m) joint venture facility is 25% owned by Tropics – a local shareholder.

Nabou Green Energy Limited (NGEL) aims to strengthen Fiji’s energy sector by using biomass (wood) to produce electricity for the Fiji Eletricity Authority.

The multi-million dollar project aims to strengthen Fiji’s energy sector by using biomass (wood) to produce electricity for the Fiji Electricity Authority.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Lee Jun Hyung said the business arrangement for the 12MW biomass project would focus on producing power to satisfy the power purchase agreement requirements with  the FEA.

“Each JV partner brings a specialised skill to this project.


A biomass plant is highly specialised for construction and the ongoing operation and maintenance,” said Mr Lee.

The power plant will be highly automated. During operations, three to five people can operate the plant.

For the past 18 months a large number of landowners have been involved in the planting and construction process.

Short rotation crops are planted that mature in two-and-a-half-years and the planting process will continue after

Mr Hyung said the supply of power could cover all of Nadi and partially in Sigatoka area.

“This generates six percent of Fiji’s power supply. We will continuously supply FEA, and this plant can supply 24 hours, seven days a week except on the maintenance period,” he added.