Human resource is the key

THE fountain head of productivity is human resource.

These were the words of the Hon. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Mr Jone Usamate while opening the 2017 TLTB Internal Quality Convention (IQC) for the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) this morning at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

Mr Usamate says that in any organisation the human resource is like a human body – if you don’t exercise it, you don’t grow.

“You use it or lose it. And when you grow personally, productivity follows,” he added.

TLTB had been holding their Internal Quality Convention for the fourth time now, starting in 2014.

This year, ten teams from each regional office across the country competed for the top prize all in the name of continuous improvement and productivity.

Mr Usamate congratulated TLTB for continuing the improvement process especially in terms of using the quality circle tools.

“It may be a cost to get staff from all the regional offices into this room but it’s a great investment. And I must thank the Executive Management and Senior Managers because TLTB can only get better from here onwards,” he said.

“All of you are winners because you are using quality tools which you can take and use it in your homes, churches, villages and the various groups that you are in,” he said.

Central Eastern Region got the Gold Award, North-West Region went away to Lautoka with the Silver Award and the Bronze Prize was shared between their IT Department and HR Department.

TLTB had won one gold and two silver awards at the National Quality Convention. In 2015, they represented Fiji at the International Exposition on Team Excellence (IETEX) in Singapore where they won the Three Gold Star Award.

 PR_usamate photo 15092017


Honourable Minister for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations, Mr Jone Usamate while delivering his opening address at the 2017 TLTB Internal Quality Convention at the Holiday Inn in Suva this morning.