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Tuvatuva Levu ni 2018

Uto ni Veiqaravi:
Sustainable Development and Wealth Creation
Na Raivotu:
Excellence in Land Management Services to Meet the Expectation of All Stakeholders
Na Bolebole:
In the best interests of the iTaukei landowners and stakeholders we will:
1) Deliver competent, smart, sustainable and resilient estate land management services to all our customers;

2) Provide the best financial and investment services to the iTaukei landowners, ensure sufficient land are reserved to meet their immediate and future needs;

3) Automate through modern technology systems and processes to accelerate organizational growth, innovation and business delivery;

4) Promote partnerships with government, regional and international sustainable development goals and conventions;

5) Promote equality of opportunities for all Fijians, develop human capital management and recognize performance;

6) Uphold good governance, inclusiveness, visibility and inculcate a culture of growth, innovation, productivity and excellence in the workforce.
Na Yavu ni Veiqaravi:

i– Innovation
T– Transparency & Trust
A– Accountability
U– Unique
K– Knowledgeable
E– Effectiveness & Efficiency
I– Integrity



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