Plea for a design-centric culture

THE message from Mr Vajira Piyasena in his opening address at the TLTB’s Internal Quality Circle Competition (IQCC) this year is to be design-centric rather than data-centric.


Mr Piyasena is the Chief Executive Officer of Ports Fiji Ltd – an engineer by profession and is a champion of value creation.

Ports Fiji Ltd's CEO Mr Vajira Piyasena while opening the 2016 IQCC for TLTB at the Holiday Inn

Ports Fiji Ltd’s CEO Mr Vajira Piyasena while opening the 2016 IQCC for TLTB at the Holiday Inn

Mr Piyasena says in business, a design-thinking culture is a workplace environment that focuses on end-user experience and ultimately leads to increased revenue.


“The shared values in a design-thinking culture are more people-centric than data-centric, and design-thinking strategies influence how the organization perceives creativity as well as how it maintains competitive advantage and creates new revenue streams,” he said.


“Design-thinking uses a process-based approach to solve problems and like any processes, it involves a series of steps that are carried out in a particular order to achieve a goal. In this case, the goal is to identify a solution that is capable of succeeding, can be carried out in a timely manner and is likely to be accepted by all stakeholders,” he added.


“When you combine quality and productivity it will create value; creating value to the suppliers, creating value to the firm itself and creating value to the customers. And that is the ultimate goal to any quality and productivity improvement, value creations”, Mr Piyasena said.


The message from Mr Piyasena was received with humility and respect from none other than the General Manager himself Mr Tevita Kuruvakadua.


He believes that innovation has evolved into a culture of a design-thinking workforce and it was a blessing to have Mr Piyasena as chief guest on the day.


This was the first time for TLTB to hold the internal QC meeting outside TLTB’s Head Office.