Sigatoka and Savusavu Sub-Regions Open for Business

The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) is now operating from its new Sub-Regional Offices at:

  1. 1st Floor, Planters House, Savusavu. Telephone Number: 8280 797 / 8280 796 Mobile Contact: 9995 886 Team Leader: Mr Julian Toronibau.
  2. 1st Floor, Keasuna Complex, Sigatoka. Telephone Number: 6207 600 / 6207 008 Mobile Contact: 9995 912 Team Leader: Mr Akuila Ratu.

TLTB services available at these two new outlets include:

  • General lease and iTaukei land enquiries;
  • Landowner consultations and awareness;
  • iTaukei Land Lease and licence applications, rent reassessments, lease expiries and renewals, land developments and subdivisions, land marketing and enforcement of lease/ licence terms and conditions and compliances;
  • Dealing (Consent, Mortgage, Assign, Subletting, Building Plan, FEA, Water Meter, etc.), Survey Instructions and lease documentation;
  • Lease rental payments (Cashier Services);
  • Registration of iTaukei landowner’s for equal rent distribution;
  • Assist iTaukei landowners leasing own land, support and advice on business initiatives.

The new sub-regional office in Sigatoka will be serving all landowners, tenants, investors and the public in the Nadroga & Navosa Province except for the tikina of Momi (Tikina Momi is still served from our South-Western Regional office at Namaka, Nadi). Our Savusavu Office will be serving everyone in the province of Cakaudrove.

Deputy General Manager Operations Mr Solo Nata (2nd from left) with staff in the new office in Savusavu