Tenants in arrears must pay up

The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) is taking its tenants to court for defaulting their rent payment for a number of years and could result in their eviction from the leased properties as a result.

As part of TLTB’s arrears drive, some 2,637 tenants have been taken to Court and tenants are warned that TLTB is obtaining fifa court orders to repossess leases and evict tenants where and when necessary – to ensure rents are paid and landowners receive their dues.

As end of May, TLTB has collected a sum of $3,047,765 in rent arrears. Deputy General Manager Operations, Research & Development Mr Solo Nata said the collections were the results of the continuous follow-up from the TLTB arrears teams, tenants taking advantage of the interest waiver if rent arrears payments are made in full and payments by court orders.

6,925 defaulting tenants have cleared all their rent arrears resulting in the payment of $2, 505,381.

2,293 defaulting tenants are making part payment to clear their rent arrears and so far paid $807,519.

Mr Nata said tenants must make use of the Amnesty Period offered by TLTB to waive interest if they make full rent arrears payment especially when the Amnesty had been extended to 30th September, 2016.

Tenant in rent arrears are strongly advised to call into any TLTB Offices, Banks, Post Offices, or MH Supermarket outlets to pay their rent and to avoid losing their lease properties.