TLTB to appear in US journal

TLTB to appear in US journal

THE iTaukei Land Trust Board’s presentation at the World Bank Conference in Washington DC has attracted the interest of a well-known academic journal in the United Sates.

The paper was presented last month by Manager Landowner Affairs Mrs Kelera Gadolo on the title of “Securing Land Rights for Equity, Sustainability & Resilience – The Successful Management of Customary Land” .

“This is a key achievement for the TLTB and for Fiji and it shows a lot of interest and recognition in the way we manage customary land in Fiji. I guess it is because of the fact that Fiji has been managing customary land successfully over the last 76 years while most of the world are still trying to formulating their own systems to carry this out,” Mrs Gadolo says.

General Manager Mr Tevita Kuruvakadua says this could be TLTB’s first publication on the world front and to be recognised as one of the best land manager by one of the largest economy in the world is testimony to the value it has for the landowners and other stakeholder groups.

“It might be a platform that will rouse enquiries into TLTB on how we manage customary land and the outcome will only be felt once the publication is released,” she added.

It is imperative to note that after colonization and post-independence Fiji still maintains the majority landholdings of indigenous lands and that the institution (TLTB) is one of a kind, unique in its functions and processes towards land, having account for each individual parcel, through mapping, demarcation lines and detailed ownership rights.

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