iTaukei Land Trust Board

TLTB (formerly NLTB) is a statutory body established in 1940 to control and administe itaukei lands on behalf and for its owners, namely: the Yavusas, Mataqalis and Tokatokas. It is also a statutory Trust that deals with itaukei lands by way of leases and licences issued over such lands. It is the largest and best land provider and lands services corporate entity in Fiji. It facilitates access to lands and land-based resources for social and economic development and growth. Its initial purpose was to secure, protect and manage land ownership rights assigned to the iTaukei landowners and to facilitate the commercial transactions that revolve around its use. It is doing all this for the national good and public interests but particularly for the benefit of the itaukei landowners. TLTB has the mandate to control itaukei lands for the benefit of its owners.

iTaukei land comprises 91 percent of all the land in Fiji and was permanently deeded by the British Crown in the 1880’s. To put it in simple terms, these land cannot be sold. It will forever remain the property

TLTB has four major core roles which are specified in its legal framework: to control and manage itaukei lands by way of leases and licences; to collect and distribute premiums and rents derived from leased l and; to ensure that sufficient lands are “reserved” for the use, maintenance and support of its owners and to control and manage extinct mataqali lands, as well as to monitor compliance with leases and licences conditions. Before itaukei lands can be leased, ownership must be decided and this is the function and role of the iTaukei Land Commission which also keeps and maintains a register of itaukei owners(i Vola ni Kawa Bula). TLTB works closely with TLC in administering its Lease Administration portfolios