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Land Development Vetting Committee


The Land Development Vetting Committee (LDVC) was cestablished through a Board of Trustees meeting resolution in 2006 to oversee and be responsible for overseeing all development and planning proposals on iTaukei land upon which the organisation is mandated as per the iTaukei Land Trust Act (1940) and in accordance with the various planning legislations, regulations and official planning documents, including zoning designations, community planning and site design requirements.
Its specific responsibilities include:


  1. Providing strategic and technical design advice on land development and planning matters both to internal and external customer so as to ensure design service requirements of the projects are of a level and quality that meets stakeholder and approving authority expectations.
  2. Serves as an internal vehicle for assessing and vetting of subdivision and spatial planning applications received from the regional and sub-regional offices, and provides recommendations to the Director Town and Country Planning for consideration of approval.
  3. Ensure the proper investigation and survey of the physical, social, economic and environmental conditions in relation to development and redevelopment of land and in accordance with TLTB’s processes and procedures. It may also review and recommend to Executive Management revisions to TLTB’s Estates Operations Manuals and Policy as required.
  4. Review and make recommendations to Executive Management, Department, regional offices and stakeholders on items related to the Core role of the TLTB and as set out in the legislations, regulations and policies in relation to Strategic Spatial Planning and land development. These include:
  • Subdivision and Rezoning applications;
  • Masterplan and Local Area Plan conceptual designs;
  • Extensions of draft plan approvals;
  • Site plan control applications;
  • Approval of Zoning / rezoning By-Laws;
  • Landuse developments for major infrastructure [Integrated Development Regions, Integrated Tourism, Housing subdivisions, roading networks etc.)
  • Other planning related developments.
  1. The LDVC also acts as a “Mediator Role” between TLTB and other relevant Agencies such as DTCP, Municipal Councils, Rural Local Authorities, etc. in as far as land development/subdivisions and rezoning matters are concerned. ‘This process ensures correspondence and tracking of applications from other agencies and TLTB tenants are effective and efficient.
  2.  As mediator for the board and other relevant agencies, it serves as a linkage between Head office and TLTB regional and sub-regional offices and consultant agents. Thus it updates the Regions on the status of any application, and continuously undertake follow-up with these parties on outstanding issues requiring amendments.



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