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Annual Reports

2014 - Summary Performance
Compared to 2013, the total income for the year had decreased to 14.78 million while expenses increased to $11.36 million, yet, still recording a surplus of $3.42 million. During the year, the Board had focused on providing efficient quality service and improving its operations. This made a significant impact on the collection of Landowner’s income which recorded an all-time high at $61,021,502 and distributed $62,453,574.

2013 - Summary Performance 2013-AR-(10).PNG

A good result was achieved in the year 2013 with the total income amounting to $16,801,050 and expenditure settled at $10,886,038, generating a profit of $5,915,012. Out of the $54,101,255 Landowner’s income that was collected, the amount distributed to the landowners was $52,488,691 which was 97% of the total received. Compared to the previous years, the variance in the amount collected and amount distributed had greatly dropped.

2012-AR-(12).PNG2012- Summary Performance

A notable increase in total income of $18 million was recorded in 2011. Expenditure was slightly over than $13 million, resulting in a net surplus of $4.98 million. Landowner’s income collected in the year grew to $50,524,155 but funds distributed were even higher at $51,535,090.This year also witnessed the implementation and formation of the Fiji Business in Excellence Awards (FBEA).

2011-AR-(8).JPG2011- Summary Performance

The total income of the Board in 2011 was $11,836,970 while expenditure dropped considerably to $6,599,085 thus raising the profit to $5.23 million. Landowners funds collected had slightly dropped to $43,161,266 but the Board distributed $46,572,660 which was inclusive of some of the funds pending distribution in 2010. Some of the changes, including the re-branding of NLTB to TLTB were mandated by the Government and implemented by the Board that justified the financial outcome of the year. 


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